Bargaining Indicator

This annual omnibus provides up-to-date information to support trade unions in their collective bargaining negotiations.


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Bargaining Indicators 2014: Twenty Years - A Labour Perspective

Volume 14, November 2014

> An Overview of the Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage in South Africa (Eddie Cottle)
> Wage Determination in south Africa since 1994 (Trenton Elsley and George Mthethwa)
> Women and Gender Relations in the South African Labour Market (Liesel Orr and Tanya Van Meels)
> The State of Labour 20 Years After Democracy (Niall Reddy)
> Twenty Something Years of Tripartism (Jan Theron)
> Our Stake in Directors’ Fees 1994 – 2014 (Michelle Taal)
> Twenty Years of Transformation of the Construction Sector in South Africa since the end of Apartheid (Eddie Cottle)
> Skills Development in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Siphelo Ngcwangu)
> Worker Education in South Africa (Salim Vally, Mphutlane Wa Bofelo and John Treat)

Trade Union Bargaining Indicators Report 2011

Bargaining Monitor

Volume 25 No. 176

June 2011

The Bargaining Indicators Edition: Benchmarks, Analysis & Strategy for Bargaining

> The Economy

> Wages, Settlements, Inflation, Benefits, Strategy

> Directors' Fees and Company Performance

Bargaining Indicators 2009

Volume 13, September 2009      

> Hard Bargains in Hard Times

> Directors' Fees Survey

> Consequences of the Global Economic Crisis

> Flexibility and Precariousness

> Getting Organised Space for Organisation

> Developing Economies, Developing solidarity

Bargaining Indicators 2008

Volume 12, July 2008

> Quantity and Quality: Collective Bargaining Indicators 2007, 2008

> From Policy to Programme: An Empirical Assessment of Responses to HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

> Business as usual? Trade Unions and the Restructuring of Work

> The Sting in the Tail: African Retail Unions Organising at Shoprite

> Macro-Economic Indicators for Collective Bargaining

> Directors’ Fees Survey 2008 - Whose Economic Growth?

Bargaining Indicators 2007

Volume 11, 2007

> Trade Union Development Indicators

> Collective Bargaining Update

> Mainstreaming Gender Standards in Collective Bargaining

> Outcomes of Collective Bargaining

> Directors' Fee Report 2007

> Economic Review 2007

> Negotiating Inflation

> Decent Work for Development

Bargaining Indicators 2005

 Volume 10, June 2005

> Economic Review

> Wage Review

> Directors' Fees

> Bargaining Challenges

Bargaining Indicators 2004

 Volume 9, April 2004

> Economic Review

> Wage Bargaining Review

> Directors' Fees Survey

> Bargaining Challenges


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