Collective  Bargaining Resources                                                                             

wage.jpgIn this section you can access a range of resources produced by the LRS and its partners in the course of delivering collective bargaining support work for trade unions, from the latest South African inflation data to research on collective bargaining in other African countries. more

HIV and AIDS in the Workplace

hiv and aids.jpgResources (papers, reports, publications) of the HIV and AIDS in the Workplace Project in which LRS has focussed on developing comprehensive and practical strategies for organised labour to play a role in the effective implementation, monitoring, evaluation and gic improvement of the South African Government National HIVAIDS Strategic Plan (NSP 2007 - 2011). more

South African MultiNational Companies in Africa

sa_mncs_in_africa.jpg The MNC Monitor was created as a resource for Global Unions to support campaigns, education and collective bargaining processes regionally and internationally by providing useful and relevant information on multinational companies (MNCs). This will especially assist global unions in increasing the number of international framework agreements (IFAs) as well as evaluating the impact of those IFAs already signed. more

Actual Wage Rates Database (AWARD)

banner_award.jpgCollective Bargaining is an important form of social dialogue and one of the core functions of trade unions. This actual wage rates database tracks the outcomes of collective bargaining in an effort to bring some transparency to wage earnings for South Africa more

Bargaining Monitor

bargaining monitor.jpgThe Bargaining Monitor is a bulletin for union wage negotiators, produced since 1987, currently issued three times a year. Oct 2011 | June 2011 | May 2011 | June 2010 | Apr 2010 | Sept 2009 | May 2009 I want to order


Inflation Monitor
clock.jpgThe Inflation Monitor provides the latest inflation statistics. more
TULEC Manual for Trade Union Organisers 2005
tulec.jpgThe TULEC Manual is a comprehensive guide for trade union organisers and leaders involved in trade union work and collective bargaining. It includes all the most recent labour laws and codes of conduct.
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Bargaining Indicators
bargaining indicator.jpgThis annual omnibus provides up-to-date information to support trade unions in their collective bargaining negotiations.
2011| 2009|2008
HIV & AIDS Model Agreement
articles.jpg The HIV/AIDS Model Agreement is a resource to be used for building trade union capacity and awareness to negotiate on HIV and AIDS workplace policies and agreements. more

South African Labour History
The South African Labour History is a resource aimed at promoting the knowledge and understanding of the history of the working class and its struggles.


Trade Union Library
trade_union_library.jpgThe Trade Union Library is a specialised information resource centre, dedicated to servicing trade unions and workers. It is one of the unique resource centres in the country because of its collection and services to the information needs of workers. more

Annual Reports

The LRS publishes its Annual Reports year after year, reporting on the progress of its work and project development.

2011 l 2010 l more

Papers / Publications / Reports
articles.jpgYou can view LRS Labour books, pamphlets, research papers, videos, CD-ROMs, Booklets and other materials. more
Decisions for Life Trade Union Campaign

At the end of 2011 the Labour Research Service with the support of the CAW Social Justice Fund  facilitated Decisions for Life evaluation and reflection action learning circles with Campaign teams in Limpopo, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. more