HIV and AIDS in the Workplace
hiv and aids.jpgFrom 2008 - 2010 the LRS is focussed on developing comprehensive and practical strategies for organised labour to play a role in the effective implementation. Read More

Global Network
globanet logo.jpgThe Global Network is an alliance of labour movement organisations responding to the new challenges of globalisation within the framework of the Decent Work for Decent Life Campaign. Read More
Company Research: Transforming Corporate Governance
multinational company research.jpgThe LRS does Company Research to ensure that the unions can engage companies on a strategic level. Read More
Mainstreaming Gender
mainstreaming gender.jpgThe LRS Gender Programme has four broad goals, and one of the is To highlight the importance of non-wage needs/ quality of life issues and demands, expressed by women as important.Read More
Trade Union Campaign Support
trade union campaign support project.jpgThe campaign is to ensure that "the 2010 soccer world cup is used to facilitate growth of union density in the sector through promoting decent work for non standard workers in the construction industry." Read More
Collective Bargaining Support
cb_support_thumb.jpgCollective Bargaining around wages and conditions of employment remains the most visible indicator of a trade union's efforts to further the material Read More