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About LRS:


The Labour Research Service (LRS) was established in 1986 as a non-profit labour service organisation. The LRS specialises in research, dialogue-building, and developmental projects with the broad aim of strengthening civil society and a particular focus on the world of the work.


The vision of the LRS is to work towards an egalitarian society, which treats all people with dignity and respect. All shall have equal access to the political, legislative and economic resources and activities of society.


To promote and enhance the full and active participation of working women and men in the political and socio-economic activities in South Africa. We do this through developing organisational and leadership capacity of trade unions and labour-focused social organisations to enable collective bargaining on incomes and social livelihood issues.


  • To promote the public image and interests of labour in a non-sectarian South African society.
  • To contribute towards the development of an informed trade union constituency.
  • To contribute toward the development of a skilled trade union leadership.
  • To promote the development of women in trade unions
  • To strengthen trade union bargaining capacity so as to improve the living conditions of workers and their extended families.
  • To assist trade unions and their allied constituencies with policy formulation and alliance building.
  • To regularly evaluate and assess the role of trade unions in society.
  • To encourage inter-union solidarity and alliances between unions, NGOs, social movements and campaign groups.
  • To ensure organisational sustainability for LRS.